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What did Juliette Gordon Low do?

Juliette Gordon Low. Known as the founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low created the largest and most successful organization for girls in the world. She is best remembered for her sheer determination and tireless efforts to promote and sustain the organization through the early part of the twentieth century.


Likewise, people ask, how did Juliette Gordon Low die?

Breast cancer

did Juliette Gordon Low have any children? The Gordon children were Eleanor (Nell) Kinzie, Juliette (Daisy) Magill Kinzie, Sarah Alice, William (Willy) Washington, Jr., Mabel McLane, and George Arthur. Sadly, Daisy’s sister Sarah Alice died in 1880 at age 17. Her death was very hard on Daisy and her family.

Also, what did Juliette Gordon Low study?

William Low left Savannah to study at the University of Oxford, and they didn’t meet again until almost three years later in 1884. Gordon Low traveled to Europe while they were separated, and she learned several new skills including shorthand, bareback riding, and hunting partridge.

Who was Juliette Gordon Low married to?

William Mackay Low m. 1886–1905


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