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What did the Hull House provide?

Hull House, founded in 1889 by Jane Addams and others, was one of the first settlement houses in the United States. Its initial programs included providing recreational facilities for slum children, fighting for child labor laws, and helping immigrants become U.S. citizens.


Also question is, what was the Hull House used for?

Hull House became, at its inception in 1889, “a community of university women” whose main purpose was to provide social and educational opportunities for working class people (many of them recent European immigrants) in the surrounding neighborhood.

Also Know, what services did the Hull House offer? Jane Addams and the HullHouse residents provided kindergarten and day care facilities for the children of working mothers; an employment bureau; an art gallery; libraries; English and citizenship classes; and theater, music and art classes.

Keeping this in consideration, what did the Hull House provided for immigrants?

HullHouse was designed to specialize in assisting immigrants, who were among Chicago’s neediest residents. Its goal was to add American culture to the immigrants‘ native cultures, not to replace them. Serving as a neighborhood center, the settlement house provided a wide range of services.

How was the Hull House funded?

Not only did the original Hull House eschew much philanthropic support, but it also wasn’t government funded and wasn’t interested in government funding. It viewed itself as a critic of government and the forces that controlled government, particularly the aldermanic ward structure of Chicago politics.


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