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What do the eggs do in Spyro?

The Legend of Spyro series

A brood of eggs were kept at the Dragon Temple to protect them from the forces of the Dark Master. Among those eggs was the egg of the next purple dragon, Spyro. It was then that the Dark Armies launched an attack on the Temple to destroy all of the eggs to prevent Spyro from being born.


People also ask, which Spyro game has the eggs?

Named after the animal of the Chinese zodiac, which was the symbol at the time of the game’s release, Year of the Dragon follows the titular purple dragon Spyro as he travels to the “Forgotten Worlds” after 150 magical dragon eggs are stolen from the land of the dragons by an evil sorceress.

Also Know, how many eggs in Spyro reignited trilogy? 12

Likewise, people ask, how do you get the eggs in Spyro?

To reach this Egg, get to the top of the Supercharge Ramp in the back half of the level. Jump off the ramp at the bottom and Glide to the grassy area on your right. Go up the ramp to find the Blue Thief on a route around a pool of blue ooze. Glide across the pool and Flame early to catch him.

What do the gems do in Spyro?

Gems are sometimes used as currency for the Balloonists to access new Home Worlds in the Dragon Realms, but you’ll also need to collect all of them to unlock the secret level in the game and achieve 120%. Gems emit a bright glimmer from afar, making them easier to spot.


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