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What does a snap disc do?

Snap Disc, or snap switch thermostats are bimetal mechanical thermostats that function via the thermal expansion and contraction of a bimetal disc that “snaps” from a convex to a concave shape at a set temperature. When the discsnaps”, it either completes or interrupts a circuit.

Similarly, it is asked, what is a snap disc on a pellet stove?

Also known as a Snap Disc, Low or Hi limit sensor, proof of fire, or Temperature Sensor; every Pellet Stove has at least one if not more of these switches. Most Low Limit Sensors turn on/off at 110, 120, or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The switch is normally Off or Open and turns on or closes when the stove gets hot.

Secondly, how does a snap switch work? A switch is a device used to open or close an electric circuit or to change the connection of a circuit. Basically, a snap switch consists of two or more contacts mounted on an insulating assembly and arranged so that they can be moved into and out of contact with each other by a suitable operating mechanism.

Also Know, what does a Thermodisc do?

Therm-O-Disc is a maker of thermostats for various appliances. On a dryer the thermostats control the operating temperatures and serve as safety backups.

Why is it important that thermostat contacts are snap acting?

Snap action of a thermostat is very important to ensure a good connection with the contacts. In early thermostats, the lack of snap action caused problems with switching from small temperature changes.


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