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What does AB mean in softball stats?

3B – Triple: hits on which the batter reaches third base safely without the contribution of a fielding error. AB – At bat: Plate appearances, not including bases on balls, being hit by pitch, sacrifices, interference, or obstruction.


Simply so, what does so stand for in softball stats?

ER: Earned runs allowed. BB: Base on balls (walks) SO: Strikeouts. HR: Home runs allowed. ERA: Earned run average per regulation game.

Likewise, what does SH B mean in softball stats? SH/B Sacrifice Hit/Bunt A Sacrifice Hit, commonly known as a bunt, is credited when there are 1 or no outs, the batter advances one or more runners with a bunt and is put out at first base (or would have been put out except for a fielding error). Sacrifice Hits/Bunts(SH/B) are NOT counted as an At Bat (AB).

Keeping this in consideration, what does TC mean in softball stats?

Total Chances

What does C stand for in fielding stats?

In baseball statistics, fielding percentage, also known as fielding average, is a measure that reflects the percentage of times a defensive player properly handles a batted or thrown ball. It is calculated by the sum of putouts and assists, divided by the number of total chances (putouts + assists + errors).


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