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What does GP mean in Kpop?

Why can’t it be because the general public – or at least the non-kpop, music listening crowd – also likes other songs, from artists that aren’t kpop or someone’s bias groups, or that’s music that you yourself don’t really like?


People also ask, what is GP in Kpop?

GP Basic. The Grace (group) GreatGuys.

Secondly, what do the numbers mean in Kpop? What is the meaning of the numbers (in the top right-hand corner) in K-pop music video? The number shows the youngest age allowed to watch that video. If it has sex, death or a homosexual theme it will get a rating of 19. If there is a hetersexual kiss it will get a 13 if its a peck and a 15 if its making out.

Beside above, what is the youngest Kpop group?

Meet the Currently Youngest K-Pop Idol in the Industry

  • The star of these posts is the youngest member of girl group Busters named Yeseo.
  • She might be young, but she has 10 years of acting experience under her belt.

What does Daesang mean in Kpop?

Daesang Award (Grand Prize), or Artist of the Year, is awarded to the best artist among up to 12 artists by calculating album and digital sales with online vote and a final judgement by the judges of the award ceremony.


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