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What does it mean to refute someone?

confutation, disconfirmation, disproof, rebuttal. Words Related to refutation. counterargument, counterevidence. Near Antonyms of refutation. attestation, confirmation, corroboration, documentation, evidence, substantiation, testament, testimony, validation, witness.


Consequently, what does it mean to refute something?

refute. The verb refute is to prove that something is wrong. When the kids you’re babysitting swear they brushed their teeth, you can refute their claim by presenting the dry toothbrushes.

Subsequently, question is, what is an example of refutation? Refutation Examples. Writers or speakers can refute an argument in several ways. For example, one might employ evidence or logic in a refutation. Examples of Refutation: A defense attorney would refute the prosecutor’s statement that his client is guilty by providing evidence or logical statements that refute the claim

Likewise, what does not refute mean?

1 : to prove wrong by argument or evidence : show to be false or erroneous. 2 : to deny the truth or accuracy of refuted the allegations.

What is an example of a rebuttal?

re·but·tal. Use rebuttal in a sentence. noun. The definition of a rebuttal is an opposing argument or debate. An example of a rebuttal is a defense attorney responding to allegations made by a district attorney against their client.


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