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What does no dirt mean?

No dirt means that the horse has no naughtiness or nasty habits like bolting, bucking, rearing, etc etc etc.


Hereof, what does dirt mean in slang?

slang gossip; scandalous information. moral corruption. do someone dirt slang to do something vicious to someone. dish the dirt informal to spread malicious gossip. eat dirt slang to accept insult without complaining.

Additionally, what is a dirt person? slang. : a dirty, unkempt, or contemptible person. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about dirtbag.

Similarly one may ask, what does dirt or soil mean sexually?

Something raunchy is dirty in one sense or another: it’s either literally covered in dirt or suggesting dirty sexual situations. Raunchy started off as Army Air Corps slang for something sloppy in 1939. But by the 60’s the word had grown to imply another kind of dirtiness: the vulgar, sexual kind.

What does doing the dirt mean?

or do the dirt on someone. to betray someone or treat them very badly.


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