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What does Occipitofrontal diameter mean?

n. The diameter of the fetal head from the external occipital protuberance to the most prominent point of the frontal bone in the midline.


Besides, what is the smallest diameter of the fetal skull?

Bitemporal (8 cm), the shortest transverse diameter; it extends between the temporal bones. ? The average circumference of the term fetal head, measured in the occipitofrontal plane, is 34.5 cm.

Secondly, what is engaging diameter? Now, Engaging diameter is the largest diameter of fetal head which passes through the smallest pelvic diameter. Diameter of engagement is when the widest diameter of the presenting part has passed through the inlet. In cephalic/ vertex presentations, this diameter is the biparietal.

Likewise, people ask, what is the diameter of fetal skull?

At its widest part, the fetal skull is (on average) 9.5 cm wide. This is 3.5 cm less than the widest diameter of the pelvic inlet, and 1.5 cm less than the widest diameter of the pelvic outlet.

How many bones does a fetal skull have?

The major bones that compose the skull of a newborn include the following: 2 frontal bones. 2 parietal bones. 1 occipital bone.


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