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What if America became an empire?

The United States becomes an empire

In the process, they had acquired significant influence over Cuba, annexed Hawaii, and claimed Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Philippines as territories.


Also know, can the US be considered an empire?

The policy of imperialism is usually considered to have begun in the late 19th century. The government of the US has never referred to its territories as an empire, but some commentators refer to it as such, including Max Boot, Arthur Schlesinger, and Niall Ferguson.

Furthermore, why did America become an imperial power? One major reason that the United States became an imperial power at this time is due to economic prosperity. The country had quickly and successfully been developing its industrial sector throughout the 19th Century. This afforded the country the resources and capital necessary to extend its power overseas.

People also ask, how did America become an empire?

The United States became an empire in 1898 when we annexed Hawai’i and the Spanish overseas empire. When we annexed Alaska, as a non-contiguous territory, we were on the way to empire. When we annexed distant tropical islands we were there.

When did America become a superpower?



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