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What is a communication climate?

Communication climate refers to the tone of relationships between people who work or live together. This lesson teaches about the types of communication climates and how people behave within them.

Herein, what is communication climate determined by?

A communication climate is the social tone of a relationship. It’s how people interact with each other within their relationships. Every relationship has its own communication climate. In a positive communication climate, people perceive others as liking, appreciating, and respecting them – they feel valued.

One may also ask, how do you respond in a defensive climate? Defensive behavior is defined as that behavior which occurs when an individual perceives threat or anticipates threat in the group.


Defensive Climates Supportive Climates
2. Control 2. Problem Orientation
3. Strategy 3. Spontaneity
4. Neutrality 4. Empathy
5. Superiority 5. Equality

Likewise, what is a confirming climate?

Confirming and Disconfirming Climates We experience Confirming Climates when we receive messages that demonstrate our value and worth from those with whom we have a relationship. Conversely, we experience Disconfirming Climates when we receive messages that suggest we are devalued and unimportant.

What is defensive communication climate?

A defensive communication climate is one in which an individual feels threatened or anxious when in communication with others (Gibb, 1961. ( 1961 ).


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