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What is a complex sentence with a subordinating conjunction?

Complex sentences involve combining two clauses with a subordinating conjunction (SC). The subordinating conjunction makes a clause unstable, so it needs a second clause to complete its meaning. The result is a complex sentence. Example: After her father reads her a bedtime story, Maria goes to sleep.

Consequently, how do you write a complex sentence with a subordinating conjunction?

Complex Sentences with Subordinate Conjunctions The clause does have a subject and a verb, but it begins with a subordinating conjunction . When a clause starts with a subordinating conjunction, the clause becomes dependent—it cannot stand alone.

Furthermore, what are the 7 subordinating conjunctions? The most common subordinating conjunctions in the English language include: than, rather than, whether, as much as, whereas, that, whatever, which, whichever, after, as soon as, as long as, before, by the time, now that, once, since, till, until, when, whenever, while, though, although, even though, who, whoever, whom,

Correspondingly, what is a subordinating conjunction example?

Another function of subordinating conjunctions is to show a relationship between two clauses involving a transition of time or place. Some examples of such subordinating conjunctions are once, while, when, whenever, where, wherever, before, and after.

Which is an example of a complex sentence?

“I burned dinner” is a good example of a simple sentence/independent clause. An example of a complex sentence is this: “I burned dinner but not the cake.” 4) Compoundcomplex sentences contain two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause.


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