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What is a MCOO army?

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The SITEMP includes the modified combined obstacle overlay (MCOO). The MCOO is the basic product of the battlefield area evaluation, terrain analysis, and weather analysis from the IPB. Since tactical obstacles attack the enemy’s maneuver and reinforce the existing terrain, the MCOO is vital to obstacle planning.

Simply so, what does MCOO stand for?

modified combined obstacle overlay

Similarly, what are the five military aspects of weather? (1) The five military aspects of the weather that concern intelligence support to operation planning are: temperature and humidity, precipitation, winds, clouds, and visibility.

In this manner, what are the 4 steps of IPB?

IPB is a continuous process which consists of four steps which you perform each time you conduct IPB:

  • Define the battlefield environment.
  • Describe the battlefield’s effects.
  • Evaluate the threat.
  • Determine threat COAs.

What is intelligence preparation of the battlefield IPB )?

The tool is intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB). IPB is an analytic process used to organize and analyze information on terrain, weather, and the threat within a unit’s area of operations and associated area of interest.


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