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What is a pressure flip?

A pressure flip is a basic flip trick which involves applying pressure to the back end of the board with the back foot. The front foot in a pressure flip does not do anything.


Simply so, what is a pressure flip skateboard?

A pressure flip can refer to any flip trick flipped solely by the popping foot. The front foot (or backfoot in Nollie or Fakie) does not flick or do anything to cause the board to flip. Most commonly “pressure flip” refers to the pressure flip variation that resembles an inward heelflip.

what is a big flip? A bigger flip (or spin) is when the board spins 540 degrees but the skater’s body spins only 180 degrees.

Simply so, what is an impossible flip?

Impossible. A trick originally invented by Rodney Mullen where the board wraps vertically over the back foot in a 360 degree rotation. He was the first to land Impossibles Crossfooted, Halfcab, and to one foot landing. Rodney Mullen has done many variations off the nose, also known as “Nollie” Impossibles.

What’s a dolphin flip?

Dolphin flip/Murder flip/Forward flip/Horse flip Performed by pushing with the front foot directly off the nose of the board after an ollie, causing the board to rotate almost vertically 180 degrees towards the frontfoot between the rider’s legs while flipping the board 180 degrees so it lands wheels down.


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