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What is Acticoat dressing used for?

Acticoat is used for partial and full-thickness wounds, including burns, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, recipient graft sites and donor sites. Acticoat should not be used for patients with hypersensitivity to silver. Do not use these dressings during MRI exams or radiation therapy.


Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you use Acticoat wound dressing?

Moisten the dressing with sterile water (do not use saline). Allow the dressing to drain on an absorbent surface in a sterile field for at least two minutes. Apply the ACTICOAT* Dressing to the wound surface, either side down. Cover the dressing with an appropriate secondary dressing.

One may also ask, what are silver dressings used for? Silver dressings may be used as primary or secondary dressings to manage minimal, moderate, or heavy exudate in acute and chronic wounds, including burns, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and leg ulcers. Silver dressings may also be used under compression.

Hereof, how long can you use Acticoat for?

The exudate from the wound determines the number of dressing changes required. Acticoat is a silver impregnated antimicrobial barrier dressing. Acticoat can stay intact for 3 days and Acticoat 7 for up to 7 days. Acticoat needs to be activated by moistening it with Sterile water before applying it on the wound bed.

How often should Acticoat be changed?

An Acticoat dressing has 3 layers: 2 outer mesh layers and an inner absorbent layer. The outer layers are coated with silver and help prevent bacteria from getting into your wound. The inner layer keeps your wound moist. You will need to change your dressing every 3 days.


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