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What is an occlusal rim?

Occlusion rims Definition: occlusion rims are occluding surfaces constructed on record bases or permanent denture bases to be used in recording jaw relations and for arranging teeth. Requirements: 1. The occlusal surface must be smooth and flat.

Simply so, how do you make an occlusal rim?

Construction of Maxillary Occlusal Rim using Modelling Wax

  1. Use the flame from Bunsen Burner to heat the Modelling Wax.
  2. Fold the Baseplate Wax into a rectangular wax.
  3. Apply sticky wax to Record Base.
  4. Place the folded Modelling Wax to the Record Base.

One may also ask, what is a bite rim? Denture occlusal rims, or bite rims, do more than just record the patient’s bite. This is the vertical distance between the upper and lower jaws when natural teeth or denture teeth are in correct occlusion. An appropriate VDO will appear as an ordinary positioning of the patient’s nose, lips and chin.

Also question is, why is it necessary to construct occlusal contour rim?

The record base and occlusion rims are necessary for: ? (1) establishing facial contours, ? (2) help in tooth selection, ? (3) establishing and maintaining the vertical dimension of occlusion, ? (4) making interocclusal records, 52.

What is the purpose of occlusal rim?

occlusion rims, definition: Occluding surfaces fabricated on interim or final denture bases for the purpose of making maxillomandibular relation records and arranging teeth. It IS used for making maxillomandibular relationship records and for the arrangement of teeth Trial denture base functions are: i.


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