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What is client side and server side scripting?

The main difference between serverside scripting and clientside scripting is that the server side scripting involves server for its processing. The clientside script executes the code to the client side which is visible to the users while a serverside script is executed in the server end which users cannot see.


In respect to this, what is client side and server side?

Clientside means that the action takes place on the user’s (the client’s) computer. Serverside means that the action takes place on a web server.

Likewise, what is client side and server side in JavaScript? Clientside means that the JavaScript code is run on the client machine, which is the browser. Serverside JavaScript means that the code is run on the server which is serving web pages.

Besides, what is client side scripting?

Clientside scripting is source code that is executed on the client’s browser instead of the web-server, and allows for the creation of faster and more responsive web applications.

What is server side scripting with example?

The most popular serverside scripting languages and frameworks include PHP, ASP.NET, Node. js, Java, Ruby, Perl and Python. These scripts run on a web server and respond to client requests via HTTP to deliver dynamic and customised content to the user.


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