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What is Coloured render?

Through colour render is a sand/cement/lime based render that is made from White Portland cement (WOPC) and added pigment to produce a coloured effect that is throughout the body of the material. The pigment is preblended into the product as part of the manufacturing process to produce a prebagged product.


Accordingly, is Coloured render any good?

Coloured render The advantage of doing this is that the colour is much more durable than simply painting the house. A painted wall will peel and lose colour over time, but coloured render will last much longer and provide a much better-looking finish.

what are the different types of rendering? Generally, modern render can be divided into three main types: mineral, acrylic and silicone – but there are other options, as I’ll present later. Normally these need only one coat of 1mm-4mm thickness, but this is highly influenced by the substrate material used under the render.

Herein, what is self Coloured render?

This is a render where you would simply pick the colour you want and it is applied in that colour. Normally this comes in a textured finish and not in a flat/smooth finish like the traditional sand and cement.

How much is rendering per m2?

The average residential home has about 400 square metres of exterior wall area. At $30m2, a home of that size would cost about $12,000 to fully render. On the high end of the scale, rendering would cost $20,000 at $50m2. The cost is significant, but the results can be stunning.


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