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What is meant by impermeable permeable and selectively permeable materials?

SELECTIVELY PERMEABLE means that only CERTAIN or “”selective“” substances can freely pass through the membrane, but not all. IMPERMEABLE means that substances CANNOT pass through the membrane. **Substances usually refer to liquids and gases.


In this manner, what is the difference between permeable impermeable and selectively permeable?

Permeable membrane: Membrane which allows the passage of all materials through it. Impermeable membrane: Menbrane which does not allow the passage of materials through it. Selectively permeable membrane: Membrane which chooses only certain materials to pass through it.

Additionally, what is selectively permeable? Selective permeability is a property of cellular membranes that only allows certain molecules to enter or exit the cell. Movement across a selectively permeable membrane can occur actively or passively. For example, water molecules can move passively through small pores on the membrane.

Similarly one may ask, what is an example of permeable?

The definition of permeable is a material that allows liquids or gases to pass through. A cloth that liquids can pass right through is an example of something that would be described as permeable.

What is an impermeable membrane?

An impermeable membrane is one in which a substance cannot pass through. Some membranes are selectively permeable, allowing some substances to pass through, but not others. Clay is a very good example of an impermeable material. An impermeable membrane is one in which a substance cannot pass through.


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