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What is NUCC use?

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The Uniform Claim Form Task Force was replaced by the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) in the mid 1990s. The NUCC’s goal was to develop the NUCC Data Set (NUCC-DS), a standardized data set for use in an electronic environment, but applicable to and consistent with evolving paper claim form standards.


Furthermore, what does NUCC stand for?

National Uniform Claim Committee

Also, what is the purpose of the National Uniform Claim Committee NUCC )? The NUCC is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the data sets and physical layout of the hard copy 1500 Claim Form. From the provider viewpoint, non-uniform data elements have caused significant frustration, claims billing and processing delays, and rejections.

Simply so, what does reserved for NUCC use mean?

TITLE: Reserved for NUCC Use. INSTRUCTIONS: This field was previously used to report “Other Insured’s Date of Birth, Sex.” “Other Insured’s Date of Birth, Sex” does not exist in 5010A1, so this field has been eliminated.

What is a 439 qualifier?

Qualifier 439. To populate Item 15 with a 439 qualifier for Accident, enter the date in the Illness/Injury Date field, then check Auto, Work, or Other under the Related to Accident field. If Auto is selected, you must also select the state the accident. occurred.


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