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What is oil Ccai?

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The calculated carbon aromaticity index (CCAI) is an index of the ignition quality of residual fuel oil. For spark-ignition engines the fuel has an octane rating. For diesel engines it depends on the type of fuel, for distillate fuels the cetane numbers are used.


Besides, what is the use of cetane number?

Cetane Number. The cetane number (CN) is an indicator of the ignitibility of diesel fuels. It provides information about the ignition delay, i.e. the speed of self-ignition of diesel fuel when injected into hot air through the fuel injector.

Furthermore, what is ignition delay? Abstract The ignition delay in a diesel engine is defined as the time interval between the start of injection and the start of combustion. This delay period consists of (a) physical delay, wherein atomisation, vaporization and mixing of air fuel occur and (b) of chemical delay attributed to pre-combustion reactions.

what causes ignition delay?

The longer ignition delay can be caused by a number of factors including: lower intake air temperature, lower boost pressure due to turbocharger lag, lower combustion chamber wall temperature and more advanced dynamic injection timing.

What is the highest octane fuel?

260 GT Plus. Sunoco 260 GT Plus is a high octane, highly oxygenated unleaded race fuel. Because 260 GT Plus contains more oxygen than is allowed in pump gas, it is for off-road and racing use only. However, it will not harm oxygen sensors.


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