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What is optical lens paper used for?

Optical Lens Paper. Optical Lens Paper for cleaning goggles and safety glasses is a nonabrasive, soft, dust-free paper for cleaning lenses without scratching or harming optical surfaces.


Then, what is optical lens paper?

Optical Lens Tissue. Optical Lens Tissue is a high quality optical lens tissue for lenses, optical instruments, electron microscopy and similar applications. Optical Lens Tissue is fully comparable to the Ross lens tissue paper in regards to structure, softness, properties and cleaning capabilities.

Additionally, wHAT IS lens tissue? Lens Tissue and Cloth are used to clean or polish optical components to maximize performance of an optical system. Lens Tissue and Cloth consist of microfiber cloths or disposable wipes that are designed to effectively remove dirt or many oils from the surface of an optical component.

Also Know, wHAT IS lens paper used for?

Microscope Lens Paper is soft, dust-free paper that is used for cleaning microscope slides and lenses without scratching the glass.

Why should you only use lens paper once?

Because the lens paper is like a paper towel, once it is dirty, you cannot use it again and you have to use a new one. it could break the high-power lens because of how close the lens is to the stage.


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