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What is scrap brass red?

Red brass is actually a bronze because it is composed of copper, tin and zinc. It is commonly referred to as gunmetal because it was originally used to fashion firearms. Red brass is generally found in pipes, valves and plumbing fixtures. Brass is a great metal to scrap because it is non-ferrous and very heavy.


Also question is, what is made out of red brass?

Red brass is also an alternative name for copper alloy C23000, which is composed of 14–16% zinc, a minimum 0.05% iron and minimum 0.07% lead content, and the remainder copper. It may also refer to ounce metal, another copper-zinc-tin alloy.

how much is red brass worth? Scrap Metal Prices *See disclaimer for additional costs*

Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Market Price Your Price *
Scrap copper Rads $1.50 lb. $1.31 lb.
Scrap Brass (red) $1.78 lb. $1.48 lb.
Scrap Brass (yellow) $1.70 lb. $1.50 lb.
Scrap copper Rads (w/ light attach) $1.10 lb. $0.90 lb.

Also to know is, what does red brass look like?

Red brass has a reddish hue due to the high concentration of copper in its composition. Because of its higher copper level this type of brass is more valuable and often recycled. A red brass of lesser quality is called semi-red brass. Red brass is also used in the making of musical instruments such as trombones.

What is the formula of brass?

Brass Mineral Data

General Brass Information
Chemical Formula: Cu3Zn2
Composition: Molecular Weight = 321.42 gm
Zinc 40.69 % Zn
Copper 59.31 % Cu


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