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What is Server XML file?

The server. xml file is a server dependent deployment descriptor which is used to specify server specific configurations . xml file is used to specify the web application specific configurations. This is a server independent deployment descriptor and exists one for each web application deployed in the server.

Moreover, where can I find server XML?

The two most important configuration files to get Tomcat up and running are called server. xml and web. xml. By default, these files are located at TOMCAT-HOME/conf/server.

Furthermore, what is context XML? The context. xml file is an optional file which contains a <Context> tag (Context Fragment) for a single Tomcat web application. This can be used to define certain behaviours for your application, JNDI resources and other settings.

Accordingly, what is the use of server XML in Tomcat?

The purpose of the server. xml is to define the configuration of an instance of the Tomcat 3.3 web server. The parent configuration elements in the server. xml file represent that instance.

Where is context XML in Tomcat?

Tomcat also allows us to include a file in our web app called META-INF/context. xml , or to create the file conf/Catalina/localhost/<context>. xml under the Tomcat directory. These files contains the same <Context> element as the <Host> element in the server.


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