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What is stimulus stimulus learning?

n. Psychology. A learning process by which a subject comes to respond in a specific way to a previously neutral stimulus after the subject repeatedly encounters the neutral stimulus together with another stimulus that already elicits the response.

Also to know is, what is stimulus response learning?

Stimulus Response Theory. Stimulus Response Theory is a concept in psychology that refers to the belief that behavior manifests as a result of the interplay between stimulus and response. In other words, behavior cannot exist without a stimulus of some sort, at least from this perspective.

One may also ask, who introduced stimulus response? Ivan Pavlov — StimulusResponse. In 1927 Pavlov conducted perhaps one of the most famous psychological experiments when he showed that by pairing a conditioned stimulus (a bell) with an unconditioned stimulus (food), a dog would begin to salivate (response) when the bell was rung without presenting the food.

Accordingly, what is stimulus substitution theory?

Stimulus Substitution. Stimulus substitution theory is a part of the spectrum of techniques that are identified under the umbrella of classical conditioning. This involves pairing a new stimulus with an already conditioned stimulus (CS).

What is a compound stimulus?

compound stimulus. a stimulus comprising two or more simple stimuli that occur at the same time.


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