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What is target area range?

Target area range refers to the space between one’s vehicle and the target area. A target is a stationary body that is located between ten to twenty seconds ahead of one’s vehicles, in the center of the path in which one is travelling.

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Likewise, people ask, how far does your target range extend?

About 20-30 seconds in front of you.

Beside above, what is it called when you can see the area all around you? the area you can see around you is called. field of vision.

Also to know is, what is your 12 15 second range?

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Next you will search the 12-15 second range, which is the space you will travel in during the next 12-15 seconds. This range is where you need to identify changes in your line of sight or path of travel to make decisions about controlling your intended path.

What is an escape path?

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An escape route is a backup route in surrounding driving areas that a driver can take in case of a dangerous road situation to prevent or lessen the possibility of injury and property damage. As a defensive driver you should always have an escape route and plan routes ahead before facing a dangerous situation.


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