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What is the abbreviation for one half?

Medical and pharmacy abbreviations ( sig codes )

Abbreviation Meaning(s) Category
one Measurement
without Other
or ss one-half Measurement
a.a., aa of each Measurement

Herein, what is the abbreviation for half?

Abbreviation for Half

dim half otorhinolaryngology, health, medical
S half medicine, hospital, health
sem half medicine, hospital, health
semi Half medical, medicine
ss Half medical, medicine

Likewise, what is the abbreviation for immediately? immed

Beside above, what is the correct abbreviation or one half?

if there is a need. ss. semis. one half.

What is the abbreviation for tablet?

Abbreviation for Tablet

tab. tablet pharmacy, prescription
Tab Tablet medical, animal, medicine
tab Tablet medical, nursing, drugs
TAB Tablet healthcare
T&A Tablet ambulance


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