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What is the best raccoon trap?

Top 5 Best Raccoon Traps & Cages

  • Havahart 1045 Live Animal Two-Door Trap (our #1 pick)
  • Duke Traps Heavy Duty Cage (if you need heavy duty)
  • Amagabeli Garden & Home Live Animal Trap.
  • Ranger Products Animal Cage.
  • Atomic Barbie Large Humane Trap.


Moreover, where should I set a raccoon trap?

When seeking raccoons, it is important not to set traps where dogs may be running. An overhanging bank with a clearance too low for dogs is an excellent location for a raccoon set. A bait of fish or honey should be attached to the bank, under the overhang. The trap should be placed in the water beneath the bait.

Additionally, how much is a raccoon trap? Labor

Method Cost
Trap and Relocate $80 – $100 each trap and raccoon
Removal of dead raccoon $275 – $300 per raccoon
Manual (by hand) removal of nesting mother and babies $500 each group

Subsequently, one may also ask, what food do you use to trap a raccoon?

Raccoons will eat bread, chicken, rice, dog food, sweet corn, muffins, bananas, scrambled egg, pork, candy, ham, pancakes, sardines, french fries, bacon, oranges, hamburgers, fresh salmon, cheese, ice cream, pancakes, croissants, smoked or canned fish, broccoli, bologna, buns, donuts, crayfish, salt, onions, wet cat

What time of night are raccoons most active?

Raccoon Behavior Activity: Nocturnal in nature, raccoons are mostly active at nighttime. They are most active in spring, summer and fall, and will sleep in their dens for most of the winter. Reproduction: Reproduction begins in late winter.


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