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What is the central primary purpose of The Yellow Wallpaper is the purpose important or meaningful?

What is the central/primary purpose of The Yellow Wallpaper? Is the purpose important or meaningful? The purpose was to show America how women are treated and that since no one would listen to her, it cause her to go insane.

Keeping this in consideration, what is the primary purpose of the yellow wallpaper?

The primary theme of “The Yellow Wallpaper” is that women who are suffering from post-partum depression, or any kind of depression, should be respected and allowed to make decisions regarding their own lifestyle and health.

Also Know, what is the significance of the woman behind the yellow wallpaper? Because the woman in the yellow paper is trapped and alone, she symbolizes the narrator in her incarceration. Both women are trying to escape their “jail” unsuccessfully. The woman in the wallpaper is behind bars, unable to be heard.

Beside this, what is the dominant theme of the yellow wallpaper?

The main themes in “The Yellow Wallpaper” are the oppressive nature of gender roles, appearance versus reality, and the need for self-expression.

How does the setting affect the yellow wallpaper?

The Setting This unnamed woman is frustrated because, after having a child, she experiences something similar to post-partum depression, a mental illness that women sometimes develop after giving birth. She wants to leave the room and spend more time outside, where she feels much less depressed.


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