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What is the difference between carpentry and joinery?

Carpentry and joinery are both construction trades. In its most simplest and traditional sense, joiners ‘join’ wood in a workshop, whereas carpenters construct the building elements on-site. But, carpenters normally work on site, so their specialised skill is in dealing wood fixtures in the context of an ongoing job.


In this regard, what is carpentry and joinery?

Carpentry is the process of creating or repairing wood items in your home. Joinery is the process of working with the joints of the home including the joint areas of windows, trusses, and the like. If you are hiring a construction company, they will usually provide both a carpenter and a joiner for your project.

Secondly, what is the difference between a carpenter a joiner and a cabinet maker? Re: Difference between a carpenter joiner and cabinet maker A cabinet maker makes furniture and the like. A bench joiner makes doors, windows, frames etc. A carpenter fits the above as well as a lot of other stuff, roofs, joists, kitchens, doors, skirting, architrave etc.

Also asked, is a carpenter and a joiner the same thing?

Both joiners and carpenters have many shared traits. A joiner is a trained craftsman who makes or joins the wood, usually in a workshop, whereas a carpenter constructs the timber on site. In simple terms a joiner makes the wood that a carpenter then fixes on site.

Is joinery a dying trade?

Joiners don’t just make small wooden items or handcrafted furniture. They are mostly used in major construction projects. Here, the industry turns over an estimated £3.8billion per annum. This strengthens the argument that joiners and carpenters will always be needed, and is not a dying trade.


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