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What is the difference between Clear Jel and Instant Clear Jel?

Unlike regular Clear Jel or cornstarch that are activated by heat and iquid, Instant Clear Jel sets up as soon as it comes in contact with liquid, and is not adjustable. It can be mixed in with dry ingredients when baking with fruit, or mixed with a bit of liquid and added to hot liquids to thicken sauces.

Consequently, is there a substitute for clear jel?

There is no substitution for ClearJel that can be made in these recipes. This means do not use other corn starch, flour, tapioca, or other thickener in our recipes.

One may also ask, what is in Instant Clear Jel? INSTANT CLEARJEL is a pre-gelatinized, modified food starch derived from waxy maize. It has good heat and acid tolerance making it well suited for applications containing acid or those that require cooking or baking.

Also know, is Clear Jel the same as sure jell?

Answer – Sure Gel is a pectin. You use it in jams and jellies. Whereas clear jel is what you want for pies.

Can I use Instant Clear Jel in canning?

For canning, you want to stick with regular Clear Jel – Not instant. Instant Clear Jel will thicken foods without heat and is good for cooking up a quick, room-temperature sauce, etc. But it does not work as well for canning because it breaks down when heated for long periods of time.


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