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What is the difference between connection pool datasource and XA datasource in WebSphere?

XA Data Source— its a data source where applications requires double phase commit transaction. connection pool data source— where applications require single phase commit transactions.

Just so, what is the difference between DataSource and connection pool?

DataSource Objects and Connection Pools. In the JDBC API, databases are accessed via DataSource objects. A DataSource has a set of properties that identify and describe the real world data source that it represents. An application uses the connection object in the same way that it uses a connection.

Subsequently, question is, what is XA and non Xa in Weblogic? An XA transaction is a “global transaction” that may span multiple resources. A nonXA transaction always involves just one resource. An XA transaction involves a coordinating transaction manager, with one or more databases (or other resources, like JMS) all involved in a single global transaction.

In this manner, what is XA DataSource in WebSphere?

In terms of datasources, an XA datasource is a data source that can participate in an XA global transaction. A non-XA datasource generally can’t participate in a global transaction (sort of – some people implement what’s called a “last participant” optimization that can let you do this for exactly one non-XA item).

How do I create a data source in WebSphere?

2. Set Up the Data Source in WebSphere

  1. In the menu at left, expand Resources>JDBC and select Data sources.
  2. Select an appropriate scope in which the new data source should exist.
  3. Click New to add a new data source to the selected scope.
  4. Click Next.


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