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What is the difference between ng container and ng template?

from Ben Nadel. This opens in a new window. The most immediately apparent difference between template and ngcontainer is the syntax that can be used with structural directives. That said, you can see that there is no “<ngcontainer>” element – the ngcontainer directive, like the template, only renders its children.

Regarding this, what is ng template and Ng container?

The preferred way is <ngcontainer></ngcontainer>. < ngcontainer> is a “logical” container. Childs nodes are rendered but the tag itself is not rendered. It is not a directive but a special angular construct.

Similarly, what is an ng template? ngtemplate is an Angular element used to render HTML templates. If you see the output it will display only ngtemplate works which is in div element. And have a look at the generated HTML source code.

Also know, what is an NG container?

<ngcontainer> is a logical container that can be used to group nodes but is not rendered in the DOM tree as a node.

What is Ng container in angular?

Angular: The ngcontainer Element. ngcontainer is an element that’s available in Angular 2+ and that can act as the host to structural directives. You can’t use more than one template binding on an element.


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