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What is the difference between NLP and NLU?

The Key Difference Between NLP and NLU

In the most basic terms, NLP looks at what was said, and NLU looks at what was meant. NLP can analyze text and speech, performing a wide range of tasks that focus primarily on language structure. However, it will not tell you what was meant or intended by specific language.


Similarly one may ask, what is NLU and NLP?

NLP is short for natural language processing while NLU is the shorthand for natural language understanding. Similarly named, the concepts both deal with the relationship between natural language (as in, what we as humans speak, not what computers understand) and artificial intelligence.

Secondly, what is the difference between NLP and NLG? Natural Language Generation A simple way to tell the difference between NLP and NLG? NLP ‘reads’ while NLG ‘writes. ‘ At Conversica, NLP technology is used to read and interpret written business conversations, while NLG technology is used to craft human-like responses that are tailored to the topic of discussion.

In this regard, what is NLU in Machine Learning?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Natural-language understanding (NLU) or natural-language interpretation (NLI) is a subtopic of natural-language processing in artificial intelligence that deals with machine reading comprehension. Natural-language understanding is considered an AI-hard problem.

What is NLP in chatbot?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the ability of computers to understand and process human language. In the realm of chatbots, NLP is used to determine a user’s intention and to extract information from an utterance and to carry on a conversation with the user in order to execute and complete a task.


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