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What is the difference between organic fertilizer and inorganic?

Organic fertilizers contain only plant- or animal-based materials that are either a byproduct or end product of naturally occurring processes, such as manures, leaves, and compost. Inorganic fertilizer, also referred to as synthetic fertilizer, is manufactured artificially and contains minerals or synthetic chemicals.

Consequently, what is the difference between organic and chemical fertilizers?

A chemical fertilizer is defined as any inorganic material of wholly or partially synthetic origin that is added to soil to sustain plant growth. Organic fertilizers are substances that are derived from the remains or byproducts of natural organisms which contain the essential nutrients for plant growth.

Additionally, what are the pros and cons of organic and inorganic fertilizers? Over time, organic fertilizers will make your soil–and plants–healthy and strong. Since they are the ultimate slow-release fertilizers, it’s very difficult to over fertilize (and harm) your plants. There’s little to no risk of toxic buildups of chemicals and salts that can be deadly to plants.

Also question is, what is the difference between organic and inorganic fertilizers quizlet?

organicfertilizers derived organically from animal or vegetable matters. inorganicfertilizers derived from man made formulas that can be formulated for various speeds of release.

What is organic fertilizer made of?

Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from animal matter, animal excreta (manure), human excreta, and vegetable matter (e.g. compost and crop residues). Naturally occurring organic fertilizers include animal wastes from meat processing, peat, manure, slurry, and guano.


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