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What is the low setting on Air Wick?

One dot is the lowest frequency setting, two dots is the medium frequency setting, and three dots is the highest and most frequent diffuse setting. If you are unsure how to adjust settings or refill your Freshmatic® Automatic Air Freshener, watch this video.

Similarly, it is asked, how do I adjust my Air Wick?

Just remove the plug-in air freshener from the outlet, remove the scented oil from the warmer, unscrew the cap of your new scented oil, and insert it into the plug-in air freshener until you hear a click. Adjust your Air Wick® Plug in Scented Oils with the rotating dial at the top.

Likewise, how often does the Air Wick Freshmatic spray? Air Wick® Freshmatic® ultra automatic spray. You can set it to spray light fragrance every 9, 18, or 36 minutes for constant freshness.

Besides, how do I fix my Air Wick Freshmatic?

In instances such as this, Air Wick has created straightforward troubleshooting steps to help your Freshmatic dispenser get back into working order.

  1. Turn the switch to “Off.”
  2. Press the button at the top of the dispenser.
  3. Remove the refill can.
  4. Push the red lever.
  5. Check to make sure the batteries are properly inserted.

How do I put batteries in my Air Wick essential mist?

Insert x 3 AA batteries into the appropriate slots. Remove the old refill by gentle pulling it in a downwards movement away from the top of the diffuser. Insert a new refill by removing the plastic lid of the refill bottle and pushing the exposed wick in an upwards motion into the head of the diffuser.


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