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What is the most common last name in Lebanon?


Similarly, you may ask, what nationality is the name Khoury?


Also Know, what is the most common surname in Spain? The 10 most common first surnames in Spain in 2013, according to the Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, are:

  • García—1,459,677 (3.51%), Pre-Roman, Basque.
  • Fernández—914,169 (2.2%), Germanic.
  • González—912,511 (2.19%), from Germanic.
  • Rodríguez—906,746 (2.18%), Germanic.
  • López—858,736 (2.07%), Latin.

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Also know, what are some Arabic last names?

List of Arabic Last Names

  • Abadi.
  • Abboud.
  • Almasi.
  • Amari.
  • Antar.
  • Antoun.
  • Arian.
  • Asfour.

Do Egyptians have last names?

Answer and Explanation: Ancient Egyptians did not have last names. This was very common in most ancient cultures. Last names, which are often called ‘surnames‘ are names


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