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What is the most dangerous city in Germany?


Keeping this in consideration, what city in Germany has the highest crime rate?

The city states of Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen were the states with the three highest crime rates in Germany in 2018, while the federal state of Bavaria had the lowest.

Secondly, what is the poorest city in Germany? Although I am not saying that Berlin is Germany’s poorest city, it is at least a very unusual capital city in the way that unlike virtually all other capital cities, it is (at least in terms of GDP per head of population) poorer than the rest of its country taken as a whole.

In this manner, what is the safest city in Germany?

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What is the most dangerous place in Europe?

The “deadliestcity in Europe has less than one-tenth of the homicides per 100,000 than the U.S. city with the highest homicide rate.

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Top 10 deadliest European cities

  1. Kaunas, Lithuania.
  2. Vilnius, Lithuania.
  3. Klaipeda, Lithuania.
  4. Marseille, France.
  5. Debrecen, Hungary.
  6. Celje, Slovenia.
  7. Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.


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