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What is the noun of celebrated?

celebration ˌse-?l?-?ˈbrā-?sh?n noun. celebrative ˈse-?l?-?ˌbrā-?tiv adjective. celebrator ˈse-?l?-?ˌbrā-?t?r noun.


Correspondingly, what is the noun form of celebrated?

celebration, nouncelebrative, adjectivecelebrator, nouncelebratory, adjective.

One may also ask, what is the verb for celebration? l?ˌbre?t/ verb. celebrates; celebrated; celebrating. celebrate. /ˈs?l?ˌbre?t/ celebrates; celebrated; celebrating.

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Also Know, is celebrating a noun?

noun. an act of celebrating. the festivities engaged in to celebrate something.

What is the noun of carry?

carry (verb) carry (noun) carry–cot (noun) carrying case (noun) cash–and–carry (noun)


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