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What is the official dress code for HOSA competitions?

Official HOSA Casual Dress Code: Appropriate dress for official social functions in conjunction with the ILC will include everything EXCEPT tank tops, halter tops, extremely short shorts or skirts and cut-offs.


Accordingly, what is the attire for Hosa activity night?

HOSA Activity Night Attire Students must wear a conference HOSA t-shirt. Shirts may not be tied around the waist or shoulders. Requiring students to wear a HOSA shirt helps us identify quickly whether or not the student is a HOSA student and helps us keep non- HOSA members from attending our events.

Similarly, how does HOSA competition work? The Competitive Events Program is designed to motivate HOSA members and provide a system for recognizing the competencies developed by members through Health Science and Biomedical Science class instruction, related job training, and HOSA related activities.

People also ask, what color is the Hosa official dress?

FOR ALL GENERAL SESSIONS HOSA uniform, or Black or navy suit.

How many areas of dress code does Georgia Hosa have?

5 areas


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