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What is the passing score for NLN?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning September 1, 2016, the passing score for all NLN Exams will be 74% or higher.


Also, what is a good score on Nln exam?

Fall Initial Admission Ranking

CATEGORY I NLN PAX-RN: Reading Score: > 60% Science Score > 60% GPA > 3.0 / High school GPA > 3.0 Comprehensive Score: >111
CATEGORY 2 NLN PAX-RN: Reading Score: > 55% Science Score > 55% GPA > 2.75/ High school GPA > 2.75 Comprehensive Score: >105

Subsequently, question is, how do I find my Nln score? Beginning January 1, 2016, institutions and examinees will need to contact customer service at 800-732-8656 to retrieve score reports for exams taken prior to 2016. The NLN will maintain these report records for three years from the date of the exam.

Also to know is, what is a passing score for the Pax Exam?

Scores for the PAX range from 0 to 200, and the average score is generally around 100. In terms of what score is considered passing, you will need to check with your specific nursing education program.

How many questions are on the NLN?

The NLN PAX consists of 80 verbal ability questions (60 scored), 54 mathematics questions (40 scored), and 80 science questions (60 scored) in three separate sections. Candidates have 60 minutes to complete each individual section.


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