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What is the purpose of a kick plate?

Kick plates are an addition to the bottom of your door that help reduce the amount of damage and stress that your door takes over time. They’re installed on the push side of the door. The term kick plate comes from the fact that when people’s hands are occupied they often kick the bottom of the door to open it.


Similarly one may ask, what is a kick plate used for?

Kick plates are metal or plastic strips that protect the bottom of your door from scuffs, dents and scratches. While kick plates are more common in public places, an increasing number of homeowners are adding them to their homes.

One may also ask, are kick plates necessary? You may not even have noticed this unsung hero. Kick plates are so common, they’re virtually inconspicuous in commercial buildings. But homeowners, too, can benefit from the protective properties of kick plates to keep scuffs, scratches and scrapes from marring their doors.

Considering this, why is a kick plate so important?

The main function of a kick plate is to protect the material of your door from taking damage off feet. The purpose is that if your hands are full, you will most likely open your door by kicking it in, hence the name kick plate.

How do you install a kick plate?

Hold the kick plate in position and insert screws into the top and bottom holes at the center of the plate. Tighten the screws securely. Install the remainder of the screws, working out toward either edge of the plate. This procedure helps prevent warping of the plate so that it will install flat against the door.


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