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What is the purpose of NIC teaming?

NIC Teaming, also known in the Microsoft world as Load Balancing/Failover (LBFO), allows you to install additional physical Ethernet network adapters (NICs) into your server and “team” or combine them together to make one virtual NIC that provides better performance and fault tolerance.


Also know, what is the use of NIC teaming?

NIC teaming allows users to group two or more physical NICs into a single logical network device called a bond. Once a logical NIC is configured, the virtual machine is not aware of the underlying physical NICs.

Secondly, how do I enable NIC teaming? To create a NIC Team:

  1. In Server Manager, click Local Server.
  2. In the Properties pane locate NIC Teaming, and then click the link Disabled to the right.
  3. In Adapters and Interfaces, select the network adapters that you want to add to a NIC Team.
  4. Click TASKS, and then click Add to New Team.

Also to know is, what are some advantages of NIC teaming?

The ability of a virtual environment to utilize multiple physical NICs provides two distinct benefits: load balancing and failover. Network interface card (NIC) teaming software enables a single virtual switch to access and interact with more than one physical network adapter.

What is NIC teaming in Windows Server 2016?

NIC Teaming allows you to group between one and 32 physical Ethernet network adapters into one or more software-based virtual network adapters. Since Windows Server 2016 supports up to 32 team interfaces per team, there are a variety of algorithms that distribute outbound traffic (load) between the NICs.


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