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What is the purpose of the router outlet directive?

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The RouterOutlet is a directive from the router library that is used like a component. It acts as a placeholder that marks the spot in the template where the router should display the components for that outlet.

Furthermore, what is the use of router outlet?

Routeroutlet in Angular works as a placeholder which is used to load the different components dynamically based on the activated component or current route state. Navigation can be done using routeroutlet directive and the activated component will take place inside the routeroutlet to load its content.

Additionally, what is the use of router outlet in angular 6? A router outlet emits an activate event when a new component is instantiated, and a deactivate event when a component is destroyed.

People also ask, can we have two router outlet?

6 Answers. You can have multiple routeroutlet in same template by configuring your router and providing name to your routeroutlet, you can achieve this as follows.

What is Router state?

In other words, a router state is an arrangement of application components that defines what is visible on the screen. RouterState and RouterStateSnapshot. During a navigation, after redirects have been applied, the router creates a RouterStateSnapshot.


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