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What is the relationship between glycolysis and fermentation quizlet?

What is the relationship between glycolysis and fermentation? The fermentation does not make ATP, but it allows glycolysis to continue, and fermentation removes electrons from NA DH molecules and recycles NAD+ molecules for glycolysis.

Regarding this, whats the relationship between glycolysis and fermentation?

In glycolysis, glucose is converted into pyruvate. During fermentation, pyruvate is converted to alcohol or lactic acid. It takes place with or without the presence of oxygen. It takes place in presence of oxygen.

One may also ask, what molecule does fermentation provide to glycolysis quizlet? Pyruvate and NADH from Glycolysis enter the Fermentation process. 2 NADH molecules provide energy to provide pyruvate into Lactic Acid . As the NADH is used, it’s converted back into NAD+.

Thereof, what is the difference between glycolysis and fermentation?

Both fermentation and glycolysis are processes of converting complex molecules such as sugars and carbohydrates into simple forms. Fermentation uses yeast or bacteria in the process of conversion whereas glycolysis does not. This is the key difference between fermentation and glycolysis.

What is fermentation quizlet?

fermentation. A process that makes a limited amount of ATP from glucose without an electron transport chain and that produces alcohol or lactic acid.


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