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What is the theme of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea?

The book covers many themes including exile, the natural world, technology, and exploration. Through the narrator, Professor Arronax, we learn that Captain Nemo has created the submarine with advanced technology and uses it to stay away from the rest of the world.


Similarly, you may ask, what does 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea mean?

A league is an old-fashioned measurement of distance that’s roughly equivalent to three miles. 3 x 20,000 = 60,000 miles. This is the distance Aronnax, Nemo, and company travel under the sea, not the depth they go while traveling.

Secondly, is 20000 Leagues Under the Sea a good book? Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is arguably Verne’s masterpiece. As a classic it has aged wonderfully well: it is escapist fun, but still retains its literary and scientific significance. To dismiss it as simply an adventure story does it a disservice.

Hereof, is there a sequel to 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Around the Moon

Where does 20000 Leagues Under the Sea take place?

SETTING. The story begins in 1866 and ends in 1868 (The journey on the Nautilus begins during the summer of1867). The story is set on the Nautilus, the submarine vessel designed by Captain Nemo. The Nautilus traverses Pacific, Indian, Atlantic, Artic and Antarctic Oceans, and the Mediterranean and Red Seas.


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