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What is the vacuole in a cell City?

Vacuoles (Storage Units) – Cell City. Vacuoles store the cell’s needed materials such as water, food molecules, inorganic ions, or enzymes. The Vacuoles are the Storage Units of Cell City because they store things (materials).


Keeping this in view, what would a vacuole be in a city?

It helps organelles move throughout the cell. The Vesicle/Vacuole is like a warehouse because Vesicle/Vacuole store water, food, and other things needed by the city, and the warehouse also stores materials needed by the city. Then are packaged and distributed around the cell just like a post office would with mail.

what is the chloroplast in a cell City? Lysosome. The chloroplast would be numerous trees, other plants, and farms in cell city. Chloroplasts are organelles that are used by plants to convert energy from the sun into chemical energy in organic compounds like starches and sugars. This process is called photosynthesis.

Herein, what is the analogy of a cell?

Cell Organelles City Analogies
Cell Wall City Wall
Cytoplasm Lawns
Endoplasmic Reticulum Highway or road system
Ribosomes Lumber or brick yard

What does cytoplasm represent in a city?

The cytoplasm would be like the lawns in a city because they act like the fluid that fills a cell, its function is to contains all organelles and cell parts. The energy plants of charlotte would be the mitochondria of the city. They both play a critical parts in creating energy for a cell or for a city.


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