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What is there to see in Zimbabwe?

Bulawayo, one of the main commercial and tourist centers of Zimbabwe, is home to the world famous National Museum. It is also located close to other travel highlights such as the Khami ruins, and the Rhodes Matopos National Park, known for its humongous granite boulders.

Considering this, what do people do for fun in Zimbabwe?

  • Mosi-oa-Tunya / Victoria Falls National Park. 6,660 Reviews. National Parks, Waterfalls.
  • Victoria Falls. 2,122 Reviews. Waterfalls.
  • Wild Is Life Trust and ZEN. 440 Reviews. Nature & Wildlife Areas, Zoos.
  • Imire: Rhino & Wildlife Conservation. 130 Reviews. Nature & Wildlife Areas.

Secondly, is it dangerous in Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is nowhere near as dangerous as foreign media makes out and all up it’s a very safe country to visit. Although the number of incidents and degree of violence are a far cry from that in South Africa, like anywhere in the world the usual theft and crimes occurs.

Just so, what is Zimbabwe best known for?

It was created in 1958 by the damming of the Zambezi River and supports an incredible variety of bird and animal life. It is famous for houseboat vacations and for its population of tigerfish (one of the most sought-after game fish in Africa).

What is the best time to visit Zimbabwe?

With mild temperatures, virtually no rain and a low malaria risk, the dry May to October winter season is generally seen as the best time to visit Zimbabwe for game-viewing, although note that September and October are extremely hot and dry months.


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