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What is urban mobility concept?

Urban Mobility Concept. The Urban Mobility Concept (UMC) is an innovative mobility concept; characteristics of the UMC include its suitability for short distance travel, fold-up functionality, for easy transport by train and the possibility to use it on public roads (in contrast to current fold-up/compact solutions).


Also know, what does urban mobility mean?

Urban mobility is a relevant factor for the cities economic productivity, life quality and access to basic health services and education.

Similarly, what does smart mobility mean? Smart mobility refers to using modes of transportation alongside or even instead of owning a gas-powered vehicle. This can take on many different forms, including ride-sharing, car-sharing, public transportation, walking, biking, and more.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is urban transport?

The defining trait of urban transportation is the ability to cope with this density while moving people and goods. These characteristics mean that two of the most important phenomena in urban transportation are traffic congestion and mass transit.

How can urban mobility be improved?

Autonomous vehicles, electric powertrains, vehicle sharing, and other advances are transforming urban mobility.

Dense, developed cities

  1. A shared fleet of public AVs. This fleet could provide many residents with affordable mobility.
  2. Integrated mobility platforms.
  3. Enhanced public transit.
  4. Catalytic urban planning.


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