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What is wsHttpBinding?

WsHttpBinding. 1. Primarily BasicHttpBinding is designed to exchange SOAP over HTTP(s) only, just like old ASMX or . net web services and supports the WS-I BasicProfile. WsHttpBinding supports the advanced WS-* specification which includes WS-Addressing and WS-Security etc.

Thereof, what is Ws in Wshttpbinding?

Ws” is an abbreviation for “Web Services”. WS-Security specifies enhancements to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messaging aimed at protecting the integrity and confidentiality of a message and authenticating the sender.

One may also ask, what is NetTcpBinding in WCF? Specifies a secure, reliable, optimized binding suitable for cross-machine communication. By default, it generates a runtime communication stack with Windows Security for message security and authentication, TCP for message delivery, and binary message encoding.

Thereof, what is NetTcpBinding?

The NetTcpBinding generates a run-time communication stack by default, which uses transport security, TCP for message delivery, and a binary message encoding. This binding is an appropriate Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) system-provided choice for communicating over an Intranet.

What is security mode transport?

Transport security mode: When system is configured with ‘Transportmode, WCF uses secured communication protocol. Transport security encrypts all communication on the channel and provides integrity, privacy and mutual authentication. It provides point-to-point security.


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